Tuesday, 27 April 2010


On Subrosa's blog 25/04/10, I commented as follows.

"Just remember this - the Westminster stooges have allocated a debt of £1.4 trillion to be serviced by every man woman and child; and probably grandchild of this Island.

The cause was created by the venal greed of banks and money manipulators. And the government, politicians and bureaucrats had neither the wit, capability nor the integrity of due diligence to question or evaluate the potential results.

It floated their boat, allowed them to strut their stuff, and that was enough for them.

Now they want us to forget, forgive and trust them..... Oh yes, and still pick up the tab on the £1.4 trillion?"

Now I claim no particular talent or prescience in the fields of politics or economics, but it seemed pretty obvious one thing that wasn't being addressed by any of the Westminster parties was the real depth of the financial mess were in and what the costs are going to be to get out of it.

Notice, I haven't asked what their going to do about it, we're snowed under with scenarios of promises, but what the costs are going to be?

That, along with the idiocy in Afghanistan were quite simply being ignored.

Today the Institute of Fiscal Studies has highlighted the chasm between the three parties sales spin and the depth of the abyss the parties paper over. Even the IFS studies only partially plumb the depths up to 2015. We have yet to hear the duration or the final costs before this tab is wiped clean.

We are being lied to. Lied to by political parties who have reached an agreement; a joint tactic of veneered information while veering round the issues that really matter, and on which we should be hearing their plans, policies and time-scales to get us out of it - but they're not.

Why not - well given their incompetence in allowing the situation to arise, it surely isn't too harsh a judgement to conclude they haven't got a clue as to how they're going to get us out. In essence all three parties haven't got a strategy and are reduced to using blundering tactics and hoping something will turn up for the best.

Not much of a recommendation to base a choice of government with crises responsibility on? Not very assuring for that job, the new car, moving up the property ladder or even clinging on to the rung you're on?

But Westminster crises is Scotland's opportunity.

The SNP do have a strategy, it's their core value, the centre of gravity for the tactic that spoke out from that core of independence and the lies and denials of the Westminster parties are playing right into the SNPs hands.

Whatever the outcome of the pending Westminster election, you can be sure the cuts and taxes will all be taking their toll by 2011. The spin will be free fall, and the empty rhetoric of the three Tweedle's remembered, just when Scotland goes back to the polls in the election that really matters.

Salmond is a shrewed politician who seems quite relaxed almost avuncular at the moment. I wonder why?

Perhaps a reduced Westminster will be the petard the three Tweedle's are hung from.


  1. We can but hope and certainly this is the best chance we've had for decades RA.

  2. CRAP

    I have had deep concerns about, what I believed to be, an almost laid-back campaigning style at the GE and the lack of progress in SNP representation at Westminster.

    I feel that the SNP are utterly lost in West Central Scotland and have not a clue how to address that particular constituency.

    Unless they (Salmond et al) are quietly playing a Mouser strategy, waiting to see which way the mouse will come, as it surely has to come to the cheese and then will reveal some blindingly swift and definitive coup de grace to the Union.

    I hope, really I hope.

  3. Bugger you and I both and, I suspect, many others cling to the same hope.

    It'll be a sad day for Scotland if the aspirations and opportunities of independence are suffocated in the union bog of corruption, incompetence the bog gases of apathy and the coma of ignorance they create.

    Unionism never had a purpose in Scotland other than to suit the few at the cost of the many. Up until this election it has never had a democratic mandate other than a disingenuous claim of being the status quo cast in the stone of tradition. They have used the perverted mould of Ulster to shape their strangle hold on Scotland and the political strategies used by Westminster and the media are not that much different from those used against Ireland in 1920.

    Independence is an issue bigger than any individual or party loyalty that has to be made 'real' to the people who will be effected by it. To co-operate within a system gives credence to that system and to employ independence as a negotiating tool within the same system cheapens its cause and consequent effect more than it will ever gain.

    The SNP could have the wisdom of Solomon and the virtue of all the Angels but, while they're steered and controlled by the Yoke of Westminster and whipped to its bidding, they will not be taken seriously.

    If Salmond truly wants to take Scotland to its independence he needs less of the pacifism of Griffiths and more of the integral guile of Collins.
    Hopefully we can leave the attributes of a de Valera latched in their box.

  4. CRAP

    I don't know if you have read Erskine Childers and his account of how England had approached the intellectual subjugation and maintenance of a colonial mentality of and in Ireland.

    You could interchange Scotland with Ireland in his writings today.

    Scotland is just that a colony and has metamorphed into a supply hinterland to what is the M25 black hole.